Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the oven mitt bakery at ROWSTER

i have been busy in the kitchen preparing samples and listening to leonard cohen, getting ready for my new baking gig. so be on the look out for oven mitt baked goods at rowster. the first delivery will be next thursday. the menu will include anise almond southern italian biscotti, macaroon cakes and raw granola. everything is made with 100% vegan and organic ingredients. 

rowster new american coffee is located at 632 wealthy street in grand rapids michigan. they will prepare you the most perfect cup of coffee, i promise. 


  1. erika
    this is amazing! so excited for you...absolutely wonder-full!!!!

  2. hi~ i'm happy to find your blog today (via hillery). your baked treats sound really yummy!


  3. britt- thanks for stopping by. i just checked out your blog and it's lovely!

    thank you everyone for the encouraging words. i am very excited about this opportunity.

  4. That's so awesome, Erika! When I'm in town again I'll have to head to Rowster.

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