Thursday, October 25, 2012


our family has been on a journey across the country to visit the california crew. we took our time driving and stopping along the way. 

we explored at a favorite spot, and a place i have been excited to visit for a long time. 

we are now in san francisco. it feels good to be out of the car, and with family at last.

p.s. nevada is weird. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


hello friends in the michigan area!
this is an announcement...
there will be art, fresh tempeh, and books to see and have at calvin's center art gallery
thursday evening, 7pm.
work by adam wolpa, jo-ann van reeuwyk, and more!
hope to see you there!

PS look for the !!!!!! while you're there

Thursday, October 11, 2012


suki is now attending preschool two days a week. she is having the best time so far. every other week they have a color day. the kids all dress in the chosen color for the day, and today was red day. last night we realized that we do not have a lot of red in her wardrobe, and needed to come up with a fun solution quickly.

we decided to make an apple shirt! since this was suki's first printmaking project i took a lot of pictures. 

suki turned out to be a natural, of course.

she was very pleased with how her shirt turned out as you can see.

this morning we enjoyed apple muffins for breakfast, and found a few more red things to wear with her new shirt. red tights, a red hair bow, and her rebe sweater that has a few red flowers. perfectly prepared for the day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


today i have been thinking of how i regret not buying tickets to see this show. i love jens l! although, there is a mystery with his new record. i was very happy when adam brought it home for me as a gift, so i opened it, and put it right on. after a couple songs, i started to wonder if our speakers were blewn. a few minutes went by, and adam came into the room and asked if our speakers were broken. we started researching the best deal on speakers, and were very bummed. meanwhile, we listened to the download of this album, and it sounded great! still believing that we needed new speakers, we started asking around, and found out it was the record! two of our friends had the same experience. the vinyl is unlistenable! do all of the pressings sound this way? do you have this album? if so, have you experienced this? 

my boys