Thursday, March 29, 2012

seven breakfasts

raw porridge and rowster coffee
oatmeal with almonds and apricots
miso scramble
kukicha tea and brown rice

little love

suki and beedle had a fun morning. they are so joyful together, and at times seem like an old married couple. they walk hand in hand, and are sweet when interacting. here they are having a conversation; beedle was tucking a curl behind suki's ear as he talked. 
did you have a special bond with another child when you were young?

paikat kotoa

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i have noticed that suki does not like to draw as much as a lot of her peers. she has very good fine motor skills, but it is just not something she seems very interested in. she loves to arrange things, make things with playdough, and create very elaborate scenes with objects. she seems most interested in drawing if it is on an object- like walls and furniture! this day she was making "nests" by drawing on popsicle sticks, and pushing coins into playdough balls.


5. wind chime bell

home, sweet home!

Monday, March 26, 2012

aamu aika

reading new books before music class.
"i want one of these... on my back."
ready to go!

weekend getaway


adam and i drove up to traverse city for a mini getaway- a birthday gift from adam. it was only the second time leaving suki overnight. the first time was a few weeks ago, a trial run while we were only a few miles away if she needed us. she stayed with her granny, and had so much fun she had tears in her eyes when we told her it was time to leave. we missed her much more than she missed us- typical.

up north, we stayed at a vegetarian b&b on the old mission peninsula. it had a peaceful view and a yoga studio. it felt wonderful to stretch out after the drive up. we spent some time walking and collecting souvenirs for suki, and we were surprised to run into some friends from home. we had a fun with them while they joined us for a beer at north peak brewery

it felt like a luxury to have a late dinner, eight o'clock, we usually eat at five since suki has an early bedtime. 

it was nice to sleep in a bit and wake up to this nice view and birds songs, but we left soon after we woke up because we wanted to get back to our girl. 

we did make a second stop at the health food store for some special treats. we were laughing at ourselves because the highlight of every vacation is the local health food store. it is usually our first stop and our last. we like to find little local treasures that we can not get where we are. we brought back some grade b maple syrup, and a couple bottles of hard cider

thank you, adam!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

seven dinners

spaghetti with bean balls and fatoush salad
quinoa and veggie plate with creamy balsamic dressing
adzuki beans and rice

eating outside again, with shorts on!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

another inspired vegan feast

for my birthday the potluck club made a version of the inspired vegan menu fete before fast, and it was incredible. it was a wonderful celebration, and a great start to a new year for me. friends brought many sweet gifts. the bertha planter featured in these photos was picked out by my dear little beedle. we were able to spend some time on the porch after hours; it was a beautiful night.

we ate:
gumbo zav
roasted winter vegetable jambalaya 
black beans with thick gravy and roasted garlic

vegan malt created by adam (this has been my dream dessert for the past six years!)

thank you, friends!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

sleep tank dress

i have been working on some sewing projects to get ready for spring/summer weather. i made some lazy pants for adam from this pattern book, and just finished a few summer night gowns from this pattern. next up- pj's for suki! 

hyvaa yota!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

pj party

"i've got it"
"we're acrobats"
"tell me a story, beedle"
little snuggle