Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012


the program adam made with issue press for wake up weekend 2012 was invited to be shown at the kunstpublikationer 2012 show at overgaden in copenhagen. this was part of the personal and political risograph publications, the works were selected by jessica wiliams from nsew press. i recommend spending some time with these links. so nice!


Sunday, June 17, 2012


today we celebrated fathers! we spent a lot of time thinking of our grandfather, who we miss so much. he grew the best avocados and citrus in his yard, our favorite. i am thankful that he has influenced adam to be the best father i know. 

we had a nice breakfast in bed of berry yogurt and corn muffins. we read some of adam's books from when he was young.

suki made him two drawings, and i made him a few things too. i altered some of grandpa's cosy sweaters to fit adam perfectly, and made him some summer relaxation shorts and a wallet.

we also gave him a couple new accessories for camping.

a lot of the day was spent reading books, and staying close to home, but adam did have a nice outing in our new canoe, and we had a fun lunch with dear friends. 

we ended the day with some french stories, and songs.

adam you are EXCEPTIONAL!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

beating the heat

my mom suggested this three dollar sprinkler as a fun hot day activity. at first i was against the idea because i was concerned about being wasteful with water, but then i came around to the idea. the water only needs to be on a very low setting to still be fun. 

suki and beedle played with the water this way for about five minutes, and when they were done they felt cool and happy. the ground probably enjoyed it too, after no rain for many days. 

after years of letting our yard exist, and be what it wants to be, we are finally starting to care for it. you can not tell yet by these photos, but soon i will be able to share some results. yay!

my mom gave me one of these fun popsicle makers! i have not yet mastered the art of making the cool designs the machine is capable of, as they are more difficult to make than the website makes it seem. even still i am excited to keep working with it, and i hope to make some popsicles with fun faces soon. if you have one of these, do you have any tips for keeping the shapes apart when the liquid goes in? 

garden of your mind

have you watched this? my friend matt shared this video with me the other night. it is wonderful! mister rogers was one of my favorite programs growing up. i am looking forward to sharing it with suki at some point.


i was just checking in on hillery's blog and enjoying her new work so much! this picture of debby made me happy too. she is one of my favorite people, a beautiful person inside and out. she is who i call on when there is a health concern in our house, and she always knows what to do. she has been so helpful.    

hillery's mobiles for unison are spectacular. lovely shapes, with such nice fabrics!
hillery, good work!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

down the hill

this morning we had a fun time downtown at the art museum, madcap, and selam store for lunch on the way home. 

the art museum in our town was the first leed gold certified museum, and it is a very pleasing place to be. oh, with the exception of one museum guard, who threatened to have us sued for the little bit suki was running. suki is not much of a runner compared to most children her age, so i was very surprised by this man's anger toward us. 

the images of the cities in transition were good to see. the execution of the images of detroit seemed contradictory, but perhaps that helped an image of decay and abandonment feel hopeful.

adam has been working a lot since the beginning of summer. it was so wonderful to have a fun morning out as a family. 

she is such a good little eater!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

nature walk

suki and i went for a late afternoon walk at a nearby nature center.

we had a lot of fun, and a big scare when we realized that we had been locked in! thankfully, we found someone with keys to let us out. 

as i was taking this photo suki pointed out the "funny face." she had quite the laugh at this old tree's expression. 

we were so happy to explore this new to us place, and we can't wait to see more very soon.


i am looking forward to new music for the car and home. we ordered two new life like tapes, and i am excited to hear how awesome they are. it was a happy announcement to hear saturday looks good to me reunited, and although we missed out on there recent tour, we can still experience some of what it was like. new fun pop music suki will love to dance party with- can't wait!

cabin time #2

beautiful video of cabin time part 2.