Wednesday, December 22, 2010

C is for cookie

early this morning my mom came over to bake vegan cookies with me.
we made four different kinds:
pecan snowballs
salty cardamom snaps
sweet potato bars with chocolate chips and pecans
the cardamom snaps were veganized from a martha stewart recipe found in this year's special cookie issue, which i thought was the regular december issue of living when i bought it.  it turned out to be a happy mistake.  the other recipes were from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar.

i used this little animal shape to cut the cardamom snaps because if you hold your hand over the body it looks like a moomin.  last night i saw that uncle b made some real moomin cookies for mister mushroom  and i felt very jealous.  this was as close as i could get.

they turned out so beautiful!
  next time i might start a bit later and take time to eat breakfast first so that i do not eat as many when they are coming out of the oven.  i got a little tummy ache, ouch!

suki helped with the finishing touches.
we all had so much fun!

we put together thirty five boxes then adam delivered them to friends.
god jul!


  1. The cookies were lovely and delicious!! xo

  2. oh, i am happy to hear that. this was a little practice for the wedding cookies.