Saturday, December 4, 2010

yarning for you

this fall i was planning winter projects.  the brisk chill of hat and scarf season inspired me to make something with yarn.  i had been neglecting these types of projects since our beloved, local yarn shop closed last year. the hat in this photo i made while i was still pregnant.  i love accessories for children!  the scarf shown here is one of my favorites.  suki's uncle b learned to knit so that he could make her this scarf along with a little hat and a beautiful afghan.  the afghan is shown on the far right in the photo below.  now that the weather has finally turned cold for the season suki has been sleeping with it at night.  

i decided to make a few afghans.  i had visions of keeping warm with my crochet and hot coffee while listening to records and watching the snow falling softly outside.  unfortunately, i was already finished with my fourth afghan by the time the first snow arrived.  i enjoyed my time making these and they did keep me very cosy in the process.  

my current project is this little embroidered drawing.  it will hang above suki's play kitchenette when i finish.  adam learned to crochet last week and has been working on an afghan for his grandfather.  it is turning out beautifully.  i will post a picture of that one soon.  
for now enjoy this tune by karl blau. one of our favorites from 2010.


  1. Your afghans and Agnes' kitchen embroidery are all so beautiful! I love them all.

  2. I love the embroidered drawing! Is that a Swedish flag?

  3. thank you!
    ashleigh, the flag is indeed swedish.
    i recently finished this piece, it turned out so cute.
    i can't wait to see it framed, hanging above the little kitchenette.