Monday, March 26, 2012

weekend getaway


adam and i drove up to traverse city for a mini getaway- a birthday gift from adam. it was only the second time leaving suki overnight. the first time was a few weeks ago, a trial run while we were only a few miles away if she needed us. she stayed with her granny, and had so much fun she had tears in her eyes when we told her it was time to leave. we missed her much more than she missed us- typical.

up north, we stayed at a vegetarian b&b on the old mission peninsula. it had a peaceful view and a yoga studio. it felt wonderful to stretch out after the drive up. we spent some time walking and collecting souvenirs for suki, and we were surprised to run into some friends from home. we had a fun with them while they joined us for a beer at north peak brewery

it felt like a luxury to have a late dinner, eight o'clock, we usually eat at five since suki has an early bedtime. 

it was nice to sleep in a bit and wake up to this nice view and birds songs, but we left soon after we woke up because we wanted to get back to our girl. 

we did make a second stop at the health food store for some special treats. we were laughing at ourselves because the highlight of every vacation is the local health food store. it is usually our first stop and our last. we like to find little local treasures that we can not get where we are. we brought back some grade b maple syrup, and a couple bottles of hard cider

thank you, adam!

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  1. This sounds so nice! I am glad you got to go away together...I think making time for that is very important, more so once you have a family. Miss you both!