Thursday, July 19, 2012


earlier this week, we took a quick road trip to iowa city to visit our dear friends josh, keri, and darla. plus, we were able to see a few other friends while we were there, but we missed DD.

the highlight of our trip was visiting the project josh made while in grad school. i had the honor of working for josh at the hot glue factory in grand rapids. the time i spent learning from/with him during that time has largely influenced the way i live today. he is one of the best artists i know. 

his project started most likely because he wanted to make tea in his studio, and it kept growing from there; it could continue to evolve for a very long time if his program weren't ending. this is the way josh makes art. for this project, he filters water from a distant sink and uses garage door mechanics to raise a boom, which dumps the grey water into a prohibited theater department sink. with his filtered water, he cares for his garden, and mushrooms, and makes a variety of fermented beverages, and sauerkraut.  

i am sure suki thought it was fun to be able to touch the art, and eat it! in this photo she is moving josh's pea sprout garden up to their grow lights. 

an in progress cob oven. 

a picnic table sits next to this window. 

after the tour of josh's studio, we went for a drive to a near by town called mt. vernon. we ate some raw candy bars, chocolate, and soda from the general store. then we went to the most amazing antique store called polly ann's antiques. we found some cute things for suki, some doll clothes, and two of the best post cards ever made. 

suki got a little trim. thanks keri!

even though david was out of the country we still paid his walnut farm a visit. 

inks are low, they need more rain. 

there were many new additions to the farm including a cob oven made by josh, and this little hut that suki wished to play in all day. 

after all the fun we had with our friends, we headed back to michigan, and had a mostly great car ride together. suki can now play the "i spy" game- fun!


    IOWA- can't wait till we can take Polly there.
    And there's a Polly Ann's antiques in Mt. Vernon. Excellent- did you grab a picture?

    1. sadly, i do not have a picture of the shop. you will love it! it's one of the best i have seen.

  2. i missed seeing you here the past couple weeks! glad you're back and happy for your fantastic trip!

  3. Hey Erika! I miss you, and love catching up with your life via KOTOA. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can check out the details on my site.
    Love you!