Friday, August 3, 2012

sculpture vs. drawing

a lot of suki's indoor play looks something like this. she will spend up to an hour working on arranging things, and making mounds of the most carefully layered blankets and objects. is this strange? every night i fold up and put away these piles. i feel a little bad about taking it down- i wonder what our space would be if i let them be. would they multiply? she is usually very disappointed to wake up and find her creation gone, but she starts over again building a new structure that means so much to her. she has actually taken a few days off of this of style making, and i really can not believe it!

she actually spent a long time working on this drawing she started with her friend sara. when she finished, almost no white remained. she filled it with tape, paint, marker, pen, and even crayon! she almost never uses crayon- her least favorite tool.

this summer she has been spending saturday mornings at an art camp, and i think it has helped open her mind to the idea of image making. 

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  1. let her sculp & maybe take pictures of her favorites ? try new materials - maybe she'll become an great artist one day !