Wednesday, October 3, 2012


today i have been thinking of how i regret not buying tickets to see this show. i love jens l! although, there is a mystery with his new record. i was very happy when adam brought it home for me as a gift, so i opened it, and put it right on. after a couple songs, i started to wonder if our speakers were blewn. a few minutes went by, and adam came into the room and asked if our speakers were broken. we started researching the best deal on speakers, and were very bummed. meanwhile, we listened to the download of this album, and it sounded great! still believing that we needed new speakers, we started asking around, and found out it was the record! two of our friends had the same experience. the vinyl is unlistenable! do all of the pressings sound this way? do you have this album? if so, have you experienced this? 


  1. mmmm, i have the cd, and that sounds ok. write the record company! love jens sooo much too! will see him in brussels end of november. can't wait. he is such a genius!

    1. i do plan to write them. i have heard this tour is excellent. have a blast!