Thursday, October 11, 2012


suki is now attending preschool two days a week. she is having the best time so far. every other week they have a color day. the kids all dress in the chosen color for the day, and today was red day. last night we realized that we do not have a lot of red in her wardrobe, and needed to come up with a fun solution quickly.

we decided to make an apple shirt! since this was suki's first printmaking project i took a lot of pictures. 

suki turned out to be a natural, of course.

she was very pleased with how her shirt turned out as you can see.

this morning we enjoyed apple muffins for breakfast, and found a few more red things to wear with her new shirt. red tights, a red hair bow, and her rebe sweater that has a few red flowers. perfectly prepared for the day.

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