Friday, February 18, 2011

the amazing adventures of suki and the beedle

this morning we went to frederik meijer gardens and sculpture park.  
the humid air of the rain forest felt so nice on our dry winter skin.  


suki and beedle were searching for the tree frog, but they never found it.  some of their favorite things that they saw were the waterfall, the mossy rocks, the butterflies and the cute flock of walking birds. 
i need to find out what kind of birds they were, i loved them.  it's too bad i did not get a photo.

suki and beedle were too cute in their own world, flapping their arms pretending to be butterflies.  

after the garden we went to target for some stickers and to pick out a few things from the dollar bins (they were half off today!)
suki picked out an ambulance, beedle picked a fire truck and a cricket for his dad. 
afterwards, beedle said that he is happy now that he finally has his very own small fire truck.

they played with their toys and shared some snacks before lunch at the eritrean restaurant.
they were so patient while waiting for the food that took a while since it is made to order.

the selam store may very well become a regular part of our weekly outings. 
they both loved it.


  1. Those 2 are sooo cute together!! xo

  2. This post made my day! I'm going to do a repost of sorts on extraVEGANza! about flourishing vegan children (assuming you don't mind my adopting your photos). :)

  3. i like these story days; go beedle and sukz!

  4. matt, i like the sounds of that post. i am glad you like the pictures, use them up!