Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day

this morning we woke up buried in snow.  calvin canceled classes so we were able to spend the entire day snowed in together.  this is my favorite kind of day.

i made some bread and hummus while adam shoveled the driveway, it took two hours!
i love this new bread recipe, found by our friend lucio.  the above loaf was made with whole wheat flour and i added flax seeds and wheat germ then sprinkled the top with seeds. 

after lunch we went outside to play. 

i love the way suki looks all bundled.

we dug some tunnels and pulled suki on the sled.  she had a blast!

then to make going back inside a little more exciting i made hot cocoa with honey and oat milk.


we ended the day with arts and crafts.
a perfect day!


  1. Adorable! We enjoyed our Snow Day, too. I especially love the look on Suki's face at the hot cocoa as well as the crafts.

  2. emily, i would love to see what your snow day looks like. are you on flickr?