Tuesday, February 15, 2011

golden hearts

for valentine's day i made raw coconut truffles for adam and suki.
suki was very happy since she does not get sweet treats like this very often.

i made suki a dress with gold hearts on it for the special day, from the oliver + s puppet show tunic.  

i love this pattern, especially the sleeves and the buttons up the back.  i will have to make her more of these dresses soon because she is on the last size of the pattern and it is now out of print.

on mondays we usually get together with friends and play for a while in the mornings.  
this week was extra fun because we had a delicious brunch and exchanged hand-made valentines.

nfc was the host and she made the most special valentines and beautiful decorations.

the homemade heart shaped chips were my favorite part of the morning.  
heart shaped foods always taste extra good.

the children colored and enjoyed a puppet show created by stephanie.

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