Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sasha farm visit

yesterday we drove to manchester, michigan, to visit the cow who is now sponsored for the year by wake up weekend. his name is moose and he is the cutest little calf. 

when we arrived he was at the bottom of the hill hiding by a little tree. monte had to walk him up to meet us, he was too nervous to do it on his own.

once he made it to the top of the hill it did not take him long to warm up. he gave us many kisses and was very calm. 

we met another young cow earlier in the day who was terrified of suki, i expected moose would be as well but he wasn't. they were instant friends.

suki and moose are the same age, it will be fun to watch them grow together. we are already planning another trip with our friends kolin, matt, susan, and beedle. i hope that a lot of people who were at the wake up weekend benefit show make the drive to meet him sometime this year. there were so many fun animal friends at sasha farm. i decided to feature moose for this post otherwise it would be too long, but if you would like to see more of our trip check out my flickr page.


  1. What a special day and a sweet family.

  2. cool cow! also, i love suki's leggies. we just got signed up for our CSA and there are farm visits - hooray.

  3. brooke- i am excited for you! it felt so good to be at the farm. i am looking forward to may when our csa starts up again.