Sunday, March 13, 2011

spending time with some favorite people

this weekend was packed full of fun.
i was not able to participate in as much of the wake up weekend festivities as i would have liked because i had to work and was still feeling a bit under the weather. the part i most regret missing out on was the benefit show with damned dogs, radiator hospital, royl space and xtra vomit. the show was a success and raised enough money to sponsor "moose" the calf for one year, he lives at sasha farms. i heard all of the bands were very impressive. i will be on the look out for their future shows in the area.

saturday morning we got together to make the best friends chili
 for the fifth annual vegan wake up weekend chili cook-off.
suki and beetle worked hard to make a yummy kid friendly chili.
i will post the official recipe very soon for you all to try.

the chili cook-off was sponsored by bartertown, the new vegan/vegi/raw restaurant. the space is looking great and i think a lot of people are ready for the grand opening next month. 

our friend lisa was the winner of both judges favorite and peoples choice. her hot and sweet chili will be featured on the bartertown menu, so exciting. way to go lisa!

this morning adam and some of my sneaky friends and family threw me a surprise birthday brunch.
it was beautifully decorated and the food was lovely and delicious. some friends came from long distances who i do not see very often. i was so happy and feel very loved.

the kids at the party had fun too, i love these little ones.

thank you friends, family and adam for making my 30th birthday memorable. 
i love you!

p.s. did anyone leave behind a frog box with shells inside?


  1. That's my frog box -Beedle's been carrying it around everywhere! I'm so glad you found it - I thought it was lost forever. :)

    Happy Birthday, Friend!

  2. Happy Birthday, Erika! What a FUN party! I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your AMAZING photo of Adam for the Facebook Wake Up Weekend 2011 Album. I attributed it to you, of course! :)

  3. bartertown looks rad. joe and i are thinking of buying some t-shirts because they are also rad!

  4. the t-shirt is a nice way to support the cause. a double win!