Wednesday, February 1, 2012

potlucking our way

we picked up a copy of the inspired vegan at wake up weekend. i can't wait to try everything, and i will soon. along with a group of friends, we are potlucking our way through the book. we have a few other cookbooks that also have full menu formats, but for some reason this makes them a bit overwhelming. when i make food from them i end up not completing the full menu, and will just use a single recipe here and there. thanks to my good friend susan we now have a solution to these books! we have decided to gather together for one meal a week until we have completed the book. each family will make one recipe from the menu, and we will take turns hosting the meal. each of the individual recipes are fairly simple and stress free, but when they all come together it makes a multi course meal that feels very special. 

the first menu we used was "farm fresh" the recipes included:
cinnamon-tamarind agua fresca
smoky tomatoes, roasted plantains, and crumbled tempeh
coconut quinoa
tortillas stuffed this swiss chard, currants, and spicy guacamole
mexican chocolate pudding and agave-coated pepitas 

so good!

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