Saturday, June 16, 2012

beating the heat

my mom suggested this three dollar sprinkler as a fun hot day activity. at first i was against the idea because i was concerned about being wasteful with water, but then i came around to the idea. the water only needs to be on a very low setting to still be fun. 

suki and beedle played with the water this way for about five minutes, and when they were done they felt cool and happy. the ground probably enjoyed it too, after no rain for many days. 

after years of letting our yard exist, and be what it wants to be, we are finally starting to care for it. you can not tell yet by these photos, but soon i will be able to share some results. yay!

my mom gave me one of these fun popsicle makers! i have not yet mastered the art of making the cool designs the machine is capable of, as they are more difficult to make than the website makes it seem. even still i am excited to keep working with it, and i hope to make some popsicles with fun faces soon. if you have one of these, do you have any tips for keeping the shapes apart when the liquid goes in? 

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