Sunday, June 17, 2012


today we celebrated fathers! we spent a lot of time thinking of our grandfather, who we miss so much. he grew the best avocados and citrus in his yard, our favorite. i am thankful that he has influenced adam to be the best father i know. 

we had a nice breakfast in bed of berry yogurt and corn muffins. we read some of adam's books from when he was young.

suki made him two drawings, and i made him a few things too. i altered some of grandpa's cosy sweaters to fit adam perfectly, and made him some summer relaxation shorts and a wallet.

we also gave him a couple new accessories for camping.

a lot of the day was spent reading books, and staying close to home, but adam did have a nice outing in our new canoe, and we had a fun lunch with dear friends. 

we ended the day with some french stories, and songs.

adam you are EXCEPTIONAL!

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