Thursday, June 14, 2012

down the hill

this morning we had a fun time downtown at the art museum, madcap, and selam store for lunch on the way home. 

the art museum in our town was the first leed gold certified museum, and it is a very pleasing place to be. oh, with the exception of one museum guard, who threatened to have us sued for the little bit suki was running. suki is not much of a runner compared to most children her age, so i was very surprised by this man's anger toward us. 

the images of the cities in transition were good to see. the execution of the images of detroit seemed contradictory, but perhaps that helped an image of decay and abandonment feel hopeful.

adam has been working a lot since the beginning of summer. it was so wonderful to have a fun morning out as a family. 

she is such a good little eater!

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