Friday, April 22, 2011


i want to start making more of our home cleaning products. i have done this in the past, but they did not smell as nice as the products i usually use, so it did not last long. i like it when the house smells fresh and clean after i do chores, not like chemicals cleaners, but like flowers and herbs, so i usually use mrs. meyer's products. after suki was born i switched our laundry soap to charlie's unscented which works really well. the cleaning products we use are not necessarily bad for health or the environment but i feel bad about all of the plastic packaging. the charlie's soap is not available locally, so it needs to travel a long way before it gets to us, and ends up being a bit pricey after the shipping cost. my friend geoff loaned me a book on affordable and sustainable homemaking, it's called make your place by raleigh briggs. the laundry soap and fabric softener pouch were the first recipes i tried. they seem to work just as well as charlie's and they smell great, i made lavender calendula. i put together this little sample laundry kit for one lucky winner. i will also include the recipe so if you like it you can make more. 

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  1. i like to try and not buy lots of pkgd foods. instead, start from grain or pod and make whole meals from there. great giveaway, e!

  2. i am very pleased that there is a link to outkast on this post--i love them. andre 3000 is a fashion icon of mine. anyway, one way we reuse is that we use mason jars for everything: water bottles, drinking glasses, containers for leftovers, craft supply holders, candle holders mason jars

  3. nicole- i am a huge mason jar fan! i should remember to bring one along with me when i go out to eat. i always feel bad about bringing home leftover containers.

    brooke- i try to do the same as much as possible. it can be difficult for us because of where we live. we try to freeze a lot of produce during the growing season because the off season selection here is pretty weak. the other difficult issue is not having a co-op or grocery that offers bulk products. it is impossible to buy grains and other dried goods and not take home the plastic. makes me very sad.

  4. Ooh exciting giveaway! We are dedicated composters. I think it makes our home smell funny sometimes, but our garden thanks us.

  5. what a great idea for a giveaway! we compost, recycle and also, i try to always unplug things that aren't being used at the moment (ie: toaster, lights, phone chargers, tv, etc...)

  6. thanks to everyone who participated in this give away. NFC was the winner, congratulations!

  7. yes! amazing! i've never won something on a blog and i am so excited!!! thanks e
    i can get it next time we have play group