Saturday, April 30, 2011

sneak peak

textile artist and clothing designer debby weiss has a new series of drawings, and i am in love. the pattern combinations, colors, and textures are captivating, pulling the viewer deep into narratives woven out of the rich history of different fabrics. everything is brought together by the layer of meticulously stitched lines. simply stunning!  the top image shows a detail of a macrame edge on one of the pieces (debby also makes the most incredible macrame jewelry). adam is currently working on making frames for a few of debby's drawings, and i am very excited to see them presented in that way. i like the clothes line presentation, but  the formality of the frame will encourage the viewer to see these pieces more as drawings. i can imagine these framed works living in many different environments and spaces. kotoa will keep you all posted with future showings of debby's work, it is not to be missed.  

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  1. loooove! what amazing work!!! thanks for sharing!