Thursday, April 21, 2011


we let suki watch tv (on the computer) a couple of times a week. she usually watches a few sesame street music videos on youtube or 10 minutes of ponyo on netflix instant (this is nice because it remembers where we left off, so we just continue the story on our next viewing). her dad or i always watch with her and sing along or comment on what is happening in the story. it feels less passive that way. for some reason, i go back and forth trying to decide if this is a healthy activity for her. selfishly, it is nice to have a little ten minute relax time with her. on the other hand, the look on her face is so blank. it feels like the computer screen has put a spell on her. how do you feel about children watching television? can they learn from what they watch? is it destructive? how much is too much? i want to research this more, but i would love your opinions on this topic if you have any.

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  1. i like yr idea about engaging sukz in conversation while watching.