Tuesday, April 12, 2011

fun day in a new dress

i just finished the last of the puppet show dresses i plan to make for suki. this is my favorite of the three that i have made. the fabric is covered with sweet little drawings. it's a japanese import i found on fabric worm

i think suki likes the dress. she actually kissed it when i gave it to her, and she had fun wearing it. 

our friend tracy rose ordered these fun wall stickers for suki. they can be arranged in many different ways since they are re-stickable, and if they get dirty you can even wash them! they are made of fabric and eco friendly inks in australia by the company mae. so fun and so pretty. thank you tracy!

while sorting through things to get ready for our neighborhood yard sale, adam found some fun toys for suki- all things that he played with when he was young. this guy seems to be her favorite. he is called the hoth monster and is from star wars. he seems pretty fierce from the description but suki is in love.


  1. I love this new dress and I love the dresses from Ecuador

  2. hooray! b and i love the photo with suki's teeth.

  3. playdough recipe here http://www.minieco.co.uk/natural-dye-for-homemade-playdough/