Monday, September 12, 2011

bon nuit

we were all a bit shaken up today when suki tripped and fell on her face. she was crying very hard which is unusual- she almost never cries when she gets hurt. when she calmed down a bit, she kept saying "nose hurts". her little nose started to bleed and swell very fast. we were worried that she may have broken it. we called our doctor and she said that would be unlikely. adam had to leave soon after this to go teach a night class. koji was needing to go for a walk, and suki and i just wanted to stay in and cuddle up with books. thankfully, our sweet friend sam came to our rescue and walked koji for us. 
after a nice warm bath, suki was tucked in to her bed with her friends and i read her eight books! she fell asleep while i was reading the eighth one. this was the first night she fell asleep without nursing. 

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  1. Poor baby and you guys too...falls are so scary!