Sunday, September 18, 2011

oven mitt update

as many of you know we have been making coffee companions for rowster new american coffee. so far, the items we have made include: raw granola, biscotti, matzo bark, vanilla cardamom ice cream and two different cookies (peanut ginger sesame and samoas). we have recently readjusted our business plan, and have decided along with the owners of rowster to keep them supplied with a more limited selection of oven mitt goods. you can now expect to consistently see one biscotti option and one cookie option. we may be rotating seasonal items as well- such as the ice cream for summer months. 

for those of you interested, we will be selling our raw granola for special order only. more details to come on that and other offers at a later date.

lastly, we are so excited about the feature article that our new friend denise wrote for the rapidian about our business. it was especially exciting because it was one of the first articles included in the relaunch for the new rapidian design, which is fantastic! 

 the above images were borrowed from denise's beautiful filckr page
 thank you, denise!


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful write up. I am so happy for you.

  2. erika! that article is so FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! i am overjoyed for you!!! really, i am! and a kids clothes line?!!! i am super excited to hear about that. hopefully we fc's will see you this week. again, congrats, friend.

  3. erika, i'm so proud of you. loved the article! i want to eat your food.