Friday, September 23, 2011

vitamins supplements

suki has always been a great eater. she loves almost every fruit and vegetable (the only exception is the soft part of lettuce- it makes her cough), and we almost never have to prepare separate meals for her. the only time i can think of is when her teeth hurt from teething and all she will eat is almond yogurt, then she is back to normal after a day. that is always a stressful time, since we do our best to give her a variety of nutritious foods everyday. although, sometimes we do fail- the day gets busy and we have not planned ahead so we end up eating sandwiches for one meal then pasta with the same veggies for the next. these are the days i feel like a lousy parent. i have recently heard that multivitamins are linked to cancer, specifically related to the folic acid. this was very disturbing to me because even on the days when i have planned ahead and we eat a variety of nutrients we will sometimes be low on one thing or another. i don't want to completely rely on the vitamin but it has always been reassuring that we are covering the full spectrum everyday, even on the rushed, monochromatic days. we use garden of life vitamins that are vegan and made from plant based whole foods and they do contain folic acid. i found another vegan vitamin that does not include folic acid but it has corn syrup in it. yuck! i have always felt torn on whether or not to take supplements and with this new information feel even more uncertain.  do you or your children take vitamins?

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