Friday, September 23, 2011

autumn layers and growing teeth

the weather here has been so lovely. i want to savor every minute of this too-short-season. right now, we are preparing for a trip to virginia for adam's art show, and although i am looking forward to the vacation, i am sad to be missing even one week of michigan in the fall. when we return, i will be more than ready to finish up suki's halloween costume and begin working to get ready for her birthday party. i also am very eager to spend some time in a pumpkin patch with friends searching for the most beautiful pumpkins, and to do some apple picking, apple pie baking, and jam making. i was most inspired looking at natalie's apple pie on the veganette. i highly recommend supporting the cause and eating one of those pies if you live in nyc. 

another aspect of fall that i love is the cosy layers and autumn sweaters. i have been planning for this season for quite awhile now and have found some real treasures for suki. thermal tops and pants are a must. the tops make for the most comfortable fall shirts and transition perfectly into a winter base layer. i love the rebe thermal debby gave suki last year. when i tried it on her last week, i could not believe it fit her. i remember how big it seemed when we first got it. 

what is your favorite autumn activity or fall style? 


  1. I always think about you when the weather turns because I you love the chill in the air more than anyone I know!
    Favorite fall stuff: yellow cordouroy pants, hot apple cider, scarfs, pumpkin flaxseed donuts, good earth tea, apple picking, and waves.
    Thanks for the shout out! For those who live in nyc and still want a pie, please contact me at for details.

  2. natalie- great fall stuff list! pumpkin flax seed donuts!!!!!! are you planning to share that recipe?