Thursday, December 8, 2011

made with joy by NFC

my wonderful friend, nicole, is raising money to take an herbalism class this spring in ann arbor, michigan. she is very gifted at making clothing for women and children as well as things for the home and for parties. i ordered an oven mitt and pot holder set for our kitchen, one for suki's kitchenette, and a set of small napkins. nicole is such a perfectionist; everything she makes is very well crafted, and she uses such lovely fabrics. contact nicole if you have been wanting something for your home or for yourself but do not have the time or know how to make it. this is for a great cause, nicole is one of the most kind, loving people i know and has great potential to help a lot of people in the future with the knowledge she gathers from this herbalism class. 


p.s. she made the colored pencil case for suki on her birthday- so nice!

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