Wednesday, December 21, 2011

santas love cookies

one of my favorite traditions came today- cookie making with my mom. this year was extra fun, because suki was able to help a little more. she was so happy that we were all wearing aprons, she exclaimed, "mommy blue, granny flowers, and suki man with gold tooth"!

we were not quite as ambitious as last year, and we only made one cut out style- the ooh la las from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar. however, they were a little extra fun thanks to the fluorescent food coloring adam brought home and the pink sprinkles i had on hand. after they were all packaged up, we had a blast delivering them to our friends in the neighborhood. knock knock! ding dong!

pecan snowballs
ooh la las!


  1. Beautiful! I love pecan snowballs!

  2. i wish we could have shared some of our pecan snowballs with you, natalie.