Saturday, December 3, 2011

our first christmas tree

this morning, after we woke up and enjoyed some coffee and the vegan cinnamon rolls adam made, we went out on a christmas tree search.

we were hoping for a snowy day but got rain instead. we all wore a lot of layers to keep dry and warm underneath. beedle wore protective head wear just in case a tree came down in his direction. 

we usually decorate our house plants and call it good, but we are feeling extra festive this year. we even got a wreath, and i love it! i am realizing the best reason to have a christmas tree is because of how it makes the house smell. it looks nice, but that smell is fantastic!

suki must take after adam with how particular she is. she had strong opinions on where each ornament should hang. it was funny watching her and adam communicate about these decisions.

after the tree was finished we had friends over for a two soup meal. 

susan made tempeh wings and hot slaw salad, and her famous onion bread. we made roasted lemon chutney to join the onion bread, and white bean shitake soup. kolin made chickpea rice soup with cabbage- it is my new favorite, and i might make it tomorrow. adam made banana toffee pudding with whipped coconut cream for dessert. 

suki was in funny style mode here. 

good night!


  1. what fun! and great tree picking gear. when i was a kid, we often went to the woods behind our house to find a wild little tree to bring home. i miss that. here in the desert there are tents in parking lots filled with trees imported from states like oregon. i find it very sad. and i hear the trees can be close to $100! we have a fake tree that i decorate with red wooden beads and pine cones that smell like cinnamon.

  2. We almost decided to forgo the tree this year because we always cut our own in MI. But we found a place nearby that sells trees to raise money for scholarships and decided to go for it. Our house smells amazing - it's my favorite part! And I always collect branches at the farm/stand to make garland so that I can put it all over the house.