Monday, December 12, 2011

sculpture exchange

adam often has his sculpture class make an exchange project similar to a print portfolio exchange. every student has to create an edition of sculptures that follow a list of rules, which were drawn out of a hat. for the most recent project the rules were: 
there must be antlers
they must be wearable
there must be a wheel
the sculpture must include a phone call
they must not be yellow
color and texture must not be altered
sculptures must use usps
must be collaborative 
must be made by alter-ego
must be made out of recycled material
part must be invisible 
must be deceiving 
looking at this list of rules i was afraid to see what the outcome would be, but adam made these brooches and they are wonderful. i was very happy he let me have his! i have not yet seen all twelve sculptures.


  1. i badly want to be in on this project

  2. are those plantain rounds in the bouquet?

  3. brooke- it is a slice of antler. it does look like plantain!