Thursday, February 2, 2012


our neighbor friends, carrie and coco, came over this morning to play and make playdough.

i like our neighborhood for many reasons- we are close to two great parks, it is quiet and safe, we are not far from downtown, but today i realized these neighbor friends are the number one reason i love where we live. the morning goes by so much faster and is a lot more fun when we have an activity or friends to be with. i often wait until the last minute to try and arrange play time with friends and about seventy percent of the time it ends up not working out. i just discovered how wonderful it is to have friends around the corner with the same nap schedule, parenting style, eating habits, and interests who are home weekday mornings. do you have lovely neighbors like this that make your life much happier? i hope so!

p.s. we used blueberries and turmeric to dye our playdough. the one dyed with blueberry turned out very dry. i am wondering if this happened because of the acidity in the fruit or if my measurements for the oil were off? has anyone else noticed this? the color turned out beautifully, but it feels very different than the others i have made. 


  1. how wonderful! J and I are feeling much better and would love to join you all next week. keep me in the loop.

  2. We had such a good time! thank you.