Tuesday, February 14, 2012

party hour!

this is most likely my favorite day of the year. heart-shaped foods, cards, flowers, parties, heart-shaped food. what more could anyone want.

we had a few friends over for a celebratory brunch and play time.

our menu consisted of many sweets and hearts:
heart shaped breakfast cookies
heart fruit salad
raspberry sunshine muffins
strawberry lemon juice

after sharing cards and treats we attempted a pre-nap story time in suki's room, but once the kids spotted the bed they wanted to have a toddler version of a pillow fight instead. maybe next year? 

i hope your day was full of love and joy!


i made suki's party dress from a japanese pattern book, and was happy when we tried it on and it fit- it is always a guessing game for me with those. 

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