Thursday, January 27, 2011


recently i made a few sets of pillow cases using the pattern from simple sewing by lotta jansdotter. homemade pillowcases are extra cosy to sleep on, even little suki thinks so.  i did not let her sleep on the pillow i made for her because she is too young, but i did let her play in her crib with it.  she had so much fun hugging the pillow over and over again.  i hope she is always this appreciative of the things i make for her.  

the embroidery on the set i made for suki is the same as the one featured in the book.  
the others i made are more personalized but i thought the dream pillow was sweet for a little girl so i went with that.


  1. awe, so good. so you embroidered the "drom?" did you have to interface that biz?

  2. no, i did not interface the embroidered area. maybe that is the pro way to do it, i am not sure. i think it looks fine without. i learned to embroider from cousin hillery and she never mentioned anything about interfacing but maybe i should look in to that.