Tuesday, January 11, 2011

naturally nutty

i have been nervous to introduce suki to peanut butter because of peanut allergies, but i knew that when she did have peanut butter it would be naturally nutty.  this is the tastiest and most healthy peanut butter i have found.  plus, it is made in michigan!  this company was started by a vegan mom in traverse city.  
in addition to peanuts it contains hemp and flax seeds and therefore is full of omega fatty acids.  since suki is vegan i am always trying to get extra fat into her diet, especially the omega fats. 
i made her this special three seed whole wheat bread to join the pb.

since she does not eat sugar i gave her a few blueberries on the side for a little extra sweetness. 

i think she was unsure about the way the peanut butter stuck to her mouth so in the end did not eat very much of the sandwich.  i will have to try again, i heard it can sometimes take up to three tries before liking a new food texture, or taste.  
if you are living in grand rapids you can buy naturally nutty butters at harvest health.  our favorite flavor is the vanilla. we like it a little too much, actually. 

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