Friday, January 21, 2011

tracy rose

earlier this winter we had a visit from our sweet friend tracy rose.  
while she was in town, she got this tattoo of queen ann's lace, which i had drawn for her maybe two years ago. she added the michigan contour, and i love how it turned out!

this visit was the first time tracy meet suki.
she brought her some lovely vintage dresses that she discovered thrifting in tuscon.  
she always finds the most wonderful things, made evident by a box full of treasures we received just after suki was born. this teal bear sweater was one of the many gems.  

i love the way this dress looks with the oliver + s sunday brunch jacket.  i made this jacket in october but we have not used it until this dress came along. i think they were meant to be, along with the makie hat from debby and dorrey.  
thank you tracy!


  1. erika, i just met liesl and todd (creators of oliver + s = great) yesterday. i am SO sending them your blog link; they will be delighted! love seeing your savvy sewing skills - keep it up, knuckle punch.

  2. wow! they make the BEST patterns.