Saturday, January 22, 2011


on wednesday we went to marie catrib's to try the vegan lunch special and look over the new menus.  marie was busy working on some heart shaped desserts but she took a little time out for suki.  

the menus are beautiful! 
geoffery holstad designed the menus and has been making many other lovely items for the restaurant, such as chalk board signs, deli case tags, business cards, stickers and he helped design the new website.

there are no new vegan items featured on the menu but all of the vegan delights from before are still offered and you can still veganize some of the non vegan items.  the vegan ruben is still one of my favorites, i have been ordering it on gluten free bread.  marie is now making all of the gluten free breads vegan and they are delicious.

in addition to the many vegan sandwiches and salads offered on the menu jill has been stocking the deli case "nextdoor" with vegan items that will knock your socks right off.  

then it gets even better! 
 jill is now making vegan lunch specials every wednesday!!!!

this week we tried the trio of indian-style samosas with pineapple chutney, they were incredible. we were able to get some inside information about next wednesdays special the larry david Vball sub, and it's just too good for words. so mark vegan wednesdays on your calendars, and get on down to the C-A-T-R-I-B-s

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