Saturday, May 14, 2011

games and toys

 we try not to buy plastic toys for suki, but sometimes she receives them as gifts, and they are fun. we hope they will be enjoyed for a long time and shared with other generations like the fisher price sesame street adam and all of his cousins used and suki now plays with. the fisher price music box record player is a remake of the original. suki is so happy that she can play and change the records all by herself! 

we have tea parties everyday, it's one of our favorite activities. the tea set we use is made by green toys. it is cute, but i wist the sugar and creamer dish were a different color. 

 fraggles are often invited to tea and games. our friends juan and laura gave suki this maple landmark wooden card set and it's endless fun. the cards have animals on one side and foods on the other. we have used them to create many different games which help suki learn.

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