Thursday, May 19, 2011


every wednesday morning adam takes suki to the library for toddler time. they often stop by their favorite spot in town to finish off their morning of fun: ROWSTER new american coffee. they are there at least once a week, sometimes just the two of them, and sometimes they meet up with good friends. 

suki drinks bubbles (aka sparkling water) while adam enjoys the best cup of coffee in town. it makes me happy that they have these consistent weekly activities. i feel like i too often fill my alone time with suki doing house work and errand running. i would like to be more intentional about making a day of fun with her every week. it seems that often dads are "the fun ones", but i need to make sure i stay fun too!


  1. This is adorable and will be precious memories for both Adam and baby girl. It must be difficult to find time to have "fun" set aside with her when you have a hard time getting alone time to begin with. I hope you find ways to have straight-up fun together too!