Monday, May 16, 2011

up in the tree

we found this book for greta on her birthday. we fell in love with it, so we ordered one for suki. it's called up in the tree by margaret atwood. it reminded me of this post on at last, effort. the drawings are the cutest and it is a fun book to read. it's about two little friends who are happy living in their tree until someone comes along and steals their ladder. suddenly, they do not like living in the tree and want to be on the ground. lucky for them, they find a friend in the tree who helps them down. then of course, they miss their home in the tree so they build stairs and live happily ever after. the book comes with a cd of margaret atwood reading the story. a fun follow along activity for older children. i do wish the cd came in a separate envelope. the book is such a beautiful object and unfortunately the cd case glued on to the back cover is a bit of an eyesore.