Sunday, May 15, 2011

kitchen weather

today was a perfect cold and rainy sunday. adam made coffee and coconut pancakes for breakfast, followed by a fire in the fireplace! after breakfast i was able to spend the entire morning in the kitchen making soup and cupcakes for church while listening to the fred thomas pandora station.

 i made a lentil soup with cumin and swiss chard from the deborah madison vegetarian soup book. it was fairly simple to make which was nice since the cupcakes were a little more involved. all of the recipes we have made from this book have been excellent. 

i was most excited to use the babycakes cookbook. it was a gift from adam over a year ago, but i have not used it until now. the recipes call for a lot of ingredients we do not usually use, and i think that was holding me back. a few of the children at church eat a gluten free diet so that gave me the little extra motivation i needed. now, i am in love! this is one of the most beautiful cookbooks i own and i can't wait to see every one of the recipes come to life. i hope my friends are hungry for some gluten-free and sugar-free treats.

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