Tuesday, October 4, 2011

give me liberty or give me death

stills from the performance by adam wolpa for the touched by virginia show at the ruffin gallery.

this beautiful performance unfolded in surprising ways on opening night, and it continues to perform for the duration of the exhibition. adam had initially intended for this to be a solo performance, but after he cut the tip of his finger off, his friend clay joined him in the making of the piece. they worked together to produce two vessels of shredded cabbage that was then kneeded to perfection. the piece is now working quietly in the ruffin gallery at the university of virginia. if you are near by you should visit it while it is in this stage, take in the show while the subtle aroma of this piece reminds you it is at work fermenting. if you have the desire to fully consume the piece there will be a closing on october 22, when you are invited to bring a small jar to fill with sauerkraut and enjoy.


  1. Sorry to hear Adam cut off the tip of his finger!

  2. Looks so good...I wish I was there. I am also still very sad we didn't get to see you guys this trip. Maybe for the holidays in California? How is Adam's finger? Many hugs and love, Hillery