Sunday, May 6, 2012

farm fresh

our farmer's market reopened this weekend after months of major renovations. suki wore a dress that belonged to her cousin malaika when she was a young girl- it was truly a special day for her. all winter long suki has said the same thing when we pass the market, "i want to go there". she was beaming with excitement when she found out adam was taking her. i gave her a dollar for her pocket so that she could buy a mini bouquet of flowers for her room. she had a blast chatting with friends and farmers, eating apples (she ate two before leaving the market!), and filling her bag with wild ramps and asparagus. 

suki requested we make "asparagus pickles for spring". we don't have quite enough this time, but next week we plan to buy a bunch, and start picking right away. can't wait! 

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