Thursday, May 3, 2012

"sometimes a haircut is a poem written in one hour"

this past winter i gave suki her first mini haircut. it was an exciting moment for us, because people often comment on how little hair suki has for her age. they ask me if it is because of our vegan diet. we try very hard to make the healthiest food choices, and spend a lot of time and money to plan meals that are nutrient dense. i had very fine, slow growing hair when i was young. that is why her hair is small, but look how her hair does grow! the above picture was taken after her haircut number one, and now only one season later she needed another trim.

this time, since her hair was a bit longer, we went to visit our friend ben. he has been cutting my hair for the past ten years, and he works at an eco-friendly salon. it's a nice place to be.

during the cut, suki was completely emotionless and VERY still- she did not say a word.

she looked a little sad, but she was just taking this very seriously. as soon as she hopped down from the chair she was excited, and had a lot to say about the experience. 

afterward, she and i went out to dinner at marie catrib's. we ate salad to help her hair keep growing strong and curly. 

this was her hair almost exactly one year ago. ben, our stylist, is in the background, topless and with a guitar. 


  1. I love her hair. I also enjoy having my hair cut by Ben. Great choices!

  2. i LOVE this post! suki's hair looks so beautiful, she had obviously decided it was a very grown up sort of a thing to have one's hair cut so she was just being VERY grown up.

    i can't believe people question her diet in relation to her hair growth! so rude !! : )