Sunday, May 13, 2012


adam let me sleep in today as a mother's day treat. it was especially wonderful since we have had many difficult nights this weekend. 

while i was sawing logs, adam was busy making a breakfast feast! it was his first try making gluten free waffles, and they were even better than the ones we usually make- what a nice surprise!

suki spent most of the day still feeling pretty sick. kids are so tough though; they do not complain as much as adults, even though it must be scary to be sick so young. there were many moments i would forget suki was sick, or not realize she was as sick as she was, because she was so sweet and happy. 

we intentionally took a while getting out of the bed today. after breakfast, we sat and enjoyed books and stories, before getting ready for the day.

koji waited politely for his morning walk while we made our mother's day wishes.

then we walked koji to the dog park and nearby school yard. suki wanted to bring her waffle in a bag in case she got her appetite back. she never did, but she played as much as she could. 

after a short while, suki was ready to go home and put her pj's on. we spent the rest of the day cuddling, reading books, napping; and then she watched fern gully with my mom while adam and i went out to dinner. 

we brought her back a funny face magnet set, and after some miso soup and making fun faces for about 20 minutes, she seemed free of her flu! it's difficult to say if it was the miso or the faces, but she went to bed happily happy. the best mother's day gift of all. 

much love to all of the mother friends and family of mine who have been an influence and inspiration! 
happy mother's day!

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