Monday, May 28, 2012

seven dinners

rice and beans
gluten free pasta with nettles and morel mushrooms
quinoa with roasted asparagus, roasted beets, lima beans, and sprouts
buckwheat with kale slaw, and blistered almonds
raw taco salad
french lentil soup with bread, and water mellon

bon appetit!


  1. yum! your blistered almonds make everything special! also, that raw lasagna looks amazing. how was it?

    1. the raw lasagna is great! i recommend making it in advance- it seems more flavorful, and the squash noodles soften a bit. i will have adam send you the recipe. this is one of his specialties. :)

  2. your food always looks so good!
    and your photos are beautiful, as always! SO LOVE this blog!!!