Saturday, May 26, 2012

outdoor style

near our house there is a college with a beautiful campus- suki calls it the forest. there are many beautiful trails, gardens, and a few ponds. 

during the hot days of summer we like to take walks there; it feels cool under the trees, and the air, earthy.

suki likes to play that she is lost in "the forest", and requests that i hide behind trees where she can not see me. she must have picked up the idea from when mai is lost in the movie my neighbor totoro. it also seems to be a popular theme for children's books. maybe i should discourage this game, i am undecided.

her other favorite thing to do is gather rocks along the walk and then through them in the stream. she would do this all day if she could. 

for the past few weeks suki has been very stubborn about what she will wear. if we disagree with any of her choices tears instantly start building up, and start pouring down her face. she will cry into her hands until i usually give in, and let her out in things like this head fabric piece she picked out to wear to "the forest".

we found tadpoles here!


  1. i know i'm coming at it from a different angle than you (i.e. it's not me out with the pink head fabric piece) but i think suki's head piece is amazing. totally inspired, she's a sculptor i think...

    1. adam says the same thing. she is a sculptor. :)

  2. I've been a little out of the loop since I've had my daughter, and I'm only now catching up on your blog.
    Suki is very imaginative! Her game reminds me of the book The Runaway Bunny. It's one of my favorite children's stories.

    I grew up wearing whatever I wanted, and I'm sure my parents were mortified throughout most of my childhood, and it only got worse in my teens. But it looks like you've provided Suki with a great selection to choose from. She always looks wonderful in your photos! ....I'm partial to the head piece as well. :)

    1. daughter! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

      the runaway bunny is one of our favorites too. :)