Monday, July 25, 2011

blueberry picking

today we went blueberry picking at post farm in rockford, michigan-the closest place we could find that does not spray their crops. they also have raspberries and gooseberries right now. 

blueberry picking was a favorite childhood summer activity of mine. every year my mom and i would spend one day at the blueberry farm picking berries and enjoying a picnic afterward. i was excited for suki to start this tradition with her friends from church. today was the second outing of the summer camp at church. only three kids were able to make it, but they had a fun, memorable day and left with not many berries in their buckets but tummies filled to the max.

thankfully they had some extra helpers, and we all went home with over flowing buckets. they can now enjoy the berries picked today throughout the winter, while eating many delicious blueberry filled treats. 

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