Thursday, July 7, 2011


last summer, our friends juan and laura made a grilled pizza that blew my mind! so when adam received a grill for father's day from my mom, the first thing i thought of was that pizza from last summer. we have already made it twice. we use the simple pizza dough recipe from vegan with a vengeance and divide the dough into four pieces, they are easier to flip when small. our favorite toppings are cashew sundried tomato "cheese", fresh herbs and grilled veggies- mushrooms, onions and garlic scapes. if you have a grill and have not yet made this, i suggest you add it to your meal plan soon. i hope to feature these little pizzas at a party we will be having for some good friends visiting from nyc this month.

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  1. yum! i grilled pizza with some friends on the fourth, but i knew we were missing something- cashew sundried-tomato cheese!!